About us

Dansk Centrifugalpumpefabrik

We are a Danish company that has existed since 1946, when there was made the first pumps with both the gasoline engine and electric motor, today only with the electric motor. In 1962 the company was sold to Henning and Ellen Jensen, Sadly Henning Jensen died in 1993 and Ellen continued business with Thomas Christensen and Jens Salomon.When Ellen in 2016 turned 75 years old, she chose that the company should proceed to Thomas Christensen, who today runs the company together with Jens Salomon.Thomas and Jens both have been with the company About 30 years. So have a lot of experience with DCP pumps ..Thomas is now 46 years and expects to make quality pumps for many years to come...


Dansk Centrifugalpumpefabrik . Rugvænget 9 . DK4100 Ringsted. Denmark .... Telephone +45 57611150 Mail . dcp@dcp.dk CVR - VAT No. 37317578